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musicco is a web player for your music library

Host it on a NAS and start streaming your music from any browser.

What is musicco?

musicco is a small web application that lets you browse your music library and queue tracks.

All of this from a browser.

It's not revolutionary, it just solves a few very specific problems I had...

So why did you make musicco?

I was tired of syncing music onto devices, only to realise it takes forever or I forgot the particular album I wanted to listen to at home that day. Commercial music streaming services are all fine, but what about that obscure album I bought from a band at a show that I listen to andnobody knows about? What about the music I spent ages ripping from CDs at high bitrate? Oh, and don't get me started on id3 tags, my library is properly organised in Artist > Album folders, I don't need to worry about wrongly-tagged files or players that don't sort tags properly.

How does it work?

The concept behind musicco is nothing new. In fact, it is largely inspired by musicbrowser, another cool, lightweight music streaming solution.

It is also technically based on encode explorer, a simple and efficient PHP file browser.

The rest of the work was just putting a UI on top of a HTML5 audio player to create playlists and integrate cover art, artist and lyrics information (from Cover Art Archive, Wikipedia and ChartLyrics).

Why do I need musicco?

  • Do you have a music collection you want to be able to access from a browser?
  • Do you have a NAS that is not powerful enough for solutions like Subsonic, Squeezebox or an iTunes Server?
  • Do you just want something that works and is easy to set up?
  • Do you need a music player that does not require flash?
  • Do you want to use the same music player on your desktop and your phone?

Then you should probably give musicco a go!



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